Thursday, July 4, 2013

Cruising to Alaska!

For the next eight days, Gem and I, and our ten and seven year old grandsons, will be aboard this ship:
We will be cruising to Alaska for an adventure packed week exploring several ports of call, going on a whale watching expedition, panning for gold and hiking one of the most beautiful natural areas in the world. There will be glacier watching and star gazing. We shall cavort with Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck. There will be swimming aboard ship:
There will be dining and dancing, and part of the time there will be multiple supervised, fun activities for the boys while Nana and Papa relax.
You could say that the first of our holiday tales occurred yesterday when a ten year old boy constructed a big jump from discarded planks of wood, bricks and old tires, over which he successfully navigated his mountain bike about a dozen times. However, the last jump resulted in a three hour visit to the ER yesterday afternoon, where said boy had bits of gravel and rubber picked out of his leg. He has a full skin thickness abrasion about four inches square on his right calf which is covered with an antibiotic dressing and wrapped in gauze. This morning we purchased a waterproof sleeve to wear over it. The boy is limping, but none-the-worse for wear. In fact, he has been heard bragging about his little exploit, although he certainly wasn't immediately afterwards!
So, tomorrow we sail ...a surprise for the boys who don't have a clue. They think we are going to spend a couple days in Vancouver. We don't plan on telling them until just before we board ship.
When I return there will be stories to be told and pictures to share. Meanwhile, wishing all ye whose words dwell in Blogdom, a lovely, life-giving week!


  1. oh wow...its on my bucket list...enjoy that cruise and take plenty of pics to share...smiles. what a surprise

  2. I don't have to say it, because I know you will - but have a blast!

  3. What an incredible, exciting surprise for your grandsons! I bet you are all having an amazing time! Can't wait to see the pictures!

  4. AnonymousJuly 21, 2013

    Have a blast Nana Jo!