Thursday, January 16, 2014

Magpie Tales: The Lost Skaters' Sonnet

The Lost Skater's Sonnet

There is none more elusive than pale hued
January. Lost skaters' kin. None more
Beautiful. The wool and fur do sustain
Their silver wings over ice-blue domain.
These winter flights are such rare surprises
Of maiden joy, we feel them speak again.
They do not know they are graced to fashion
Voices from sepia and blood, to sing
That thin place in air, muted lyric’s length.
Half ghost, ephemeral spell we recall
Past music of such ethereal strength.
Our later time on earth does lend enthrall
To magic echoes, poised reliquary
Trio of recollected January.

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  1. There's so much to like about this, Jo.

    "..winter flights are such rare surprises of maiden joy.." and "..poised reliquary trio of recollected January." Quite wonderful.

  2. Your Magpie is beautiful .........

  3. Very elegant. Of course, you had me at "wool".

  4. "Voices from sepia and blood,,,"
    Most interesting. well done.

  5. Trio of recollected January.

    I loved this last line, as it holds so much meaning in few words - and I love sonnets, too! I put one on Napple Notes this week...

  6. Good to see someone writing to the sonnet form. So much more demanding than spraying 'syllabic verse' all over blogland.

  7. Oh a sonnet! Voices from sepia and blood is a compelling thought. This entire sonnet is so remarkable with the photo..

  8. Beauty, grace, elegance dancing on ice... Nice write.