Wednesday, May 5, 2010

A Golden Afternoon

On Sunday afternoon I took my granddaughter, who along with my daughter-in-law, was in town for a short visit, and two of my grandsons to explore a historic early 1900's farm homestead. It is about an hour drive from here, and located along the beautiful Giscome Portage trail.

It's a living history site which recreates the bustling community that consisted of a farm, a trading post, a general store, guide and freight operations, and a stop for the riverboats.

It was a gorgeous day; a gentle spring breeze, the green edge of new growth permeating everything. Surprisingly, we were almost the only people there apart from the one lone young girl costumed in calico, serving in the working general store/bakery. There the kids enjoyed hand-cranked vanilla ice-cream while I sampled the home-made rhubarb pie. Every scrap ... pastry and contents was sublime! I also bought some penuche, which is a delicious fudge made from brown sugar and cream.

We explored the farmhouse, barns, post office, blacksmith's shop, general store, fish camp and several other buildings. The kids climbed on a covered wagon. They gazed at sheep and cows and horses. They tumbled about the fields exclaiming over everything in sight. Standing there watching them, a love stirred in my chest like a mouth opening and taking little gulps of air.

The whole afternoon was an alchemy of gold. The colours and gestures having penetrated through to reach our vital organs; heart and brain and lungs. Later the wind picked up and we shivered a little as we walked back to the car, each of us happy in our common gift.


  1. An alchemy of gold. I love that.

  2. I liked the "love that stirred like a mouth opening and taking little gulps of air."
    When kids are that age, they are so interested in everything. They haven't learned to be bored. I understand the love.

  3. " stirred in my chest like a mouth opening and taking little gulps of air." For me, this sums up the wonder of loving the little ones. Truly, a golden afternoon to remember.

  4. Those are great photographs. It does look like a truly beautiful part of the world in which you live. There is something about the shapes of the buildings which are so distinctive.