Saturday, March 13, 2010

Best Friends Forever

This week my little granddaughter from Edmonton has been visiting during spring break. She is one month less a day older than her cousin D, and an utter joy.

A and D's delight in each other is both obvious and infectious. Watching them sing and dance to Avril Lavigne’s "Girlfriend" gave me mixed emotions, though. It’s slightly disconcerting, two six and half year olds who know almost perfectly, lyrics like these:

'Hey! Hey! You! You!
I don’t like your girlfriend!
No way! No way!
I think you need a new one
You’re so delicious
I think about ya all the time
You’re so addictive
Don’t you know what I could do to make you feel alright?'

We had the following conversation yesterday:

A: "Nana, can we listen to our favourite song?"

Me: "What’s that, sweet stuff?" (Visions of Wheels on the Bus, and Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star dancing in my head).

D: "Girlfriend … Hey! Hey! You! You!"

Me: "Ohhhh …who sings that?"

D: "Apple Laveen. A showed me and we know how to sing it."

A: "It's so cool!"

Thus, after finding and downloading it, they gave me a hip-hopping, booty-shaking demo of the entire song. I was then given an encore in the form of a duet performed by D and A, my two oldest grandchildren, cousins, almost-twins, best-friends-forever ... together sparkling, shining, spinning stars in the universe.

Oh yeah, and when it played the second time, Nana joined in the dancing.

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